Petit Strap Green

€35,40 €59

Petit Strap is the perfect shoe for little ones who are just starting to walk, and this is typically an outdoor alternative to one of our Prewalker shoes. This is the obvious choice for children who’ve started nursery or daycare.  This shoe is soft and flexible, and this is important because your child will often wear these shoes for a fairly long time. The soft, flexible rubber sole and hard-wearing rubber toe cap are ideal for children who are still crawling a bit but are trying to stand and walk on their own. The rubber toe cap provides additional protection for your child’s tiny toes as they walk, play and go exploring.  

Our Petit shoe is made from soft, breathable leather materials and lined with vegetable tanned leather. 



19 - 11,9 cm

20 - 12,6 cm

21 - 13,1 cm

22 - 13,5cm


In this video you can see the best way to measure your child's feet. Please remember to measure both feet, it's best to do it in the afternoon or evening. Remember that one size on average is 7mm. We don't recommend buying shoes that are bigger by more than one size. However for winter shoes we recommend you have 7-9mm in size group 20-25 and 1-1.5cm in the size group 26-31.

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