PEPPIN Kids Sheepskin Slippers


Sheepskin keeps the heat inside the shoe, soft woolen lining keeps the feet warm, while not overheating the skin or causing sweating. The wool is so delicate that kids can wear slippers without socks. Also, a flexible thermo-rubber sole makes every step secure.

The slippers have a comfortable, built-up structure - designed for children who often forget to wear slippers or lose them while running around the house. This model of leather slippers is easy to put on and take off. However, they are not too loose, and they hold the kid's foot firmly.

- slippers for every little one, whose feet often get cold - not only in winter
- the loose design makes it easier to take the shoe on and off, but at the same time, it does not slip off the feet
- thermo-rubber sole prevents slipping

Inside material: natural sheepskin leather/wool
Outside material: natural sheepskin leather, suede
Lining: natural leather
Sole: thermo-rubber

In this video you can see the best way to measure your child's feet. Please remember to measure both feet, it's best to do it in the afternoon or evening. Remember that one size on average is 7mm. We don't recommend buying shoes that are bigger by more than one size. However for winter shoes we recommend you have 7-9mm in size group 20-25 and 1-1.5cm in the size group 26-31.

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