Charly High


Bundgaard rubber boots are very hard-wearing and made from natural rubber, so they’re extremely soft and flexible for little feet. This boot is designed with a natural fit that leaves room for your child to grow. It’s wide at the front and narrow at the back, so it won’t slip off. And it’s really comfortable to wear too. These boots can be seen in the dark thanks to the reflective detail on the back piece.

Colour: Army (dark green)
Material: Natural rubber.
Lining: 65% cotton, 35% Dacron.
Sole: Sole: Rubber (flexible – Bundgaard Zero Heel*). 
Closure: Pull-on(easy to put on).


Looking after and caring for rubber boots/rub- ber winter boots extends their life and ensures they stay strong, supple and flexible without cracking.

Care products can be bought directly from retailers, or else you could use a natural oil – try a flavourless oil from your kitchen, for instance.

Note: Never dry rubber boots/rubber winter boots on a radiator or similar heat source. The rubber dries out more quickly as a result, which causes cracks or tears. This means the rubber boot is no longer watertight. Removing the insoles is a good idea when you want to dry the boots. This also dries the inside of the boot if your little one’s feet have been warm.

In this video you can see the best way to measure your child's feet. Please remember to measure both feet, it's best to do it in the afternoon or evening. Remember that one size on average is 7mm. We don't recommend buying shoes that are bigger by more than one size. However for winter shoes we recommend you have 7-9mm in size group 20-25 and 1-1.5cm in the size group 26-31.

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