Cooling & Heating Pad With Cherry Stones


Cooling and Heating Pad is filled with specially dried, selected and regularly tested cherry stones. Ecological product, made in Poland. The cover is made of 100% high-quality cotton with TUV approval. Diameter: 15 cm

Heating method can be used:

  • for baby colic
  • as a compress for easing pain
  • for reducing menstrual cramps
  • for baby massage

A cold compress is a way to:

  • relieving headaches
  • lowering the temperature
  • relieving symptoms after insect stings
  • contusions, bruises or bumps

A method of preparing:

Warm:  in the oven - temperature 130 degrees for 10 minutes; in a microwave oven - 650 Watt for 90 sec.

Cold:  put in the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes. Or just keep one in a freezer all the time (especially if you have little boy ;)


Under optimal conditions, it maintains the temperature for about 1 hour.

In this video you can see the best way to measure your child's feet. Please remember to measure both feet, it's best to do it in the afternoon or evening. Remember that one size on average is 7mm. We don't recommend buying shoes that are bigger by more than one size. However for winter shoes we recommend you have 7-9mm in size group 20-25 and 1-1.5cm in the size group 26-31.

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